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I. General Terms and Conditions of the Agency

The subject of these general terms and conditions are, on the one hand, the agency's placement services and the general terms and conditions of the respective service providers, hereinafter referred to as escorts.

1. Contract with the agency

The agency acts exclusively as an intermediary. The agency provides escorts to customers and receives a commission from the escorts for their work. The escorts are independent entrepreneurs who offer their services in their own name and on their own account. Payments for the services of the escorts are made exclusively to them, not to the agency. All details about the escorts' services are coordinated between them and their clients.

2. Booking attempts by minors 

Minors are not allowed to use the agency's services. The agency reserves the right to ask customers to provide a copy of their ID to verify their age. If they do not comply with the request or if it turns out after checking that they are underage, no placement will take place.

3. Agency Obligations/Liability

The agency will make every effort to conclude a contract between the customer and the desired escort lady, but does not guarantee that a contract will be concluded with the escort lady. As independent entrepreneurs, the escort ladies can accept or reject requests at their discretion. The agency also assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information provided by the escort ladies in their comp cards.

The agency points out that escort ladies, as independent entrepreneurs, are not vicarious agents of the agency. The agency is not liable for the actions of the escorts. In addition, the agency is not liable for the type, manner or quality of the service provided.

4. Payment, power of attorney to receive money

Customers are not charged a separate fee for the agency's placement of escorts. The respective services are billed directly between the customers and the escorts. Insofar as the agency is exceptionally entitled to accept the fee (for example in the case of advance payments), it has received authorization to receive money from the escorts.

5. Data protection

The agency processes personal customer data in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations, in particular the Federal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation, exclusively for booking processing. Detailed information on data processing can be found in the agency's data protection declaration.

II. General terms and conditions of the escorts

1. Type and scope of services provided by the escorts

The type and scope of the contractual services are determined between the escorts and their customers on their own responsibility.

2. Escort fees

Exact information about the fee and any travel costs incurred are listed in the profiles of the individual escorts. Since the escorts determine their own fees, there may be differences in pricing. Customers can hand over the agreed fee to the escorts in an unsealed envelope at the start of the date. You can also transfer the fee to the agency in advance. In this case, the agency accepts the fee in trust and passes it on to the respective escort lady. The agency has been given authority to receive money by the escorts.

If necessary, the escorts may require a deposit of the agreed fee, for example for bookings with a longer total duration or a longer journey.

All costs incurred during the date (e.g. for food, drinks/tickets for events, etc.) must be borne by the customer.

An extension of the date is possible. The fee for the extension must be handed over to the escort lady at the beginning.

3. Cancellation

In the event of short-term cancellations by customers (24 hours before the start of the meeting), customers are obliged to reimburse 30% of the total fee agreed for the date.

If customers do not attend the date without prior notification, the full amount to be paid for the date must be paid to the escorts. Any deposits that have already been paid will not be refunded.

Escorts can break off the date if customers cause lasting disruptions or behavior that violates the contract. In the event of cancellation for the reasons mentioned above, neither the fee nor the travel costs incurred will be refunded.

Customers and escorts can cancel the date after getting to know each other for the first time. In this case, the agency expects a prompt notification of the cancellation of the date. Customers then only have to pay the travel costs incurred and a flat rate of EUR 100.00.

4. No direct contact

The majority of escorts have a serious main job. For this reason, discretion is very important to them. The escorts do not want any private contacts with customers or any private contact attempts by customers. Please respect this wish and do not ask the escorts for their personal information. Attempts to contact the escorts directly should be avoided. The agency should always be used to arrange a date.

5. Condom requirement/other customer obligations

According to the relevant regulation of the Prostitute Protection Act (ProstSchG), condoms must be used during sexual intercourse.

The escorts expect clients to put their best foot forward during the date and behave like real gentlemen. Customers will continue to ensure that the escorts' physical integrity and property are not endangered or damaged during the date. Customers are liable for all damages caused to the escorts during the execution of the order due to their fault.

Individual contract conditions

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